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Here at OC Rug Co., we love our pets. Grace is our mascot and we are
sure that there sure that there are plenty of pet parents out there just
like us. With that in mind, we are offering personalized rugs for our furry
We can put their name on one, their profile (actual profile if you can get
them to sit still long enough to trace it out), paw prints, hearts any
number of things.
We have a set template of a dog bone shaped rug that we make often. Its
roughly 2'x4'. Pawprints and monograms work great in this rug.
Plain 2x4 bone rug                   $29
Bone rug with 2 pawprints        $39
Bone rug with name/pawprints  $49
Get a quote
type of customization you are interested in. Keep in mind, if we have remnants to make
your rug from, it will cost considerably less than if we have to order carpet for your
project. We'll let you know when we send your quote wheter we have the color you
want or have to order it.